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PC Games Sep 22, 2014 0 3.7k

The Good

SimCity is a city building simulation that lets players build any type of city/town they can imagine.

The new SimCity comes with a mess of new stuff, such as City Specializations and Great Works.

Specializations can be used to specialize your city in one or more ways, such as Mining, Drilling, Trading, Electronics, Culture, and Gambling. Each specialization has their own effect on your city. For example, if you choose Gambling, crime will go up in your city, especially around your Casinos, so you have to keep your Police presence up pretty high. If you can manage to do this, you can make A LOT of Simoleons. Mining will pollute your city, so people won’t want to live there, and so on.

Great Works heavily impact the entire Region that your city is in. You and your other cities, or if you’re playing Multiplayer, can all contribute towards your Great Works sites. You can build 4 different Great Works, including a Solar Farm, an International Airport, Space Center, and Arcology. As an example, if you build a Solar Farm, you won’t need to have any power structures built in your city anymore.

The game on it’s own is really good, as you’d expect from a SimCity title. You can build cities within a region, and cities can work together. The biggest a  Region can be is 16 city-slots. And you  can play them in Multiplayer as well and work together with other cities. As far as working together goes, you can build a residential city, and buy power/water/sewage/garbage from a neighboring city, so you don’t have to deal with all of that stuff.

The Bad

In the first weeks of SimCity, logging in and playing was nearly impossible. The servers were constantly crashing, restarting, etc. If you were lucky enough to be able to play, your cities would almost never save, so you’d lose all of your progress.

Traffic AI was also bad at release, constantly getting into traffic jams. Traffic would use main roads, and leave any side roads and back ways completely empty and would all build up on to one road causing a lot of cities using the Trading specialization to go bankrupt once the city got large. Though, patches have addressed some of the traffic issues.

The game uses always online DRM. Which basically means you must be connected to the internet to play this  game. Even if you want to just play by youself.


The game itself is very good if you can get over having to be always online to play, and can deal with bugs. 5 months after launch, they’re still fixing bugs. The ability to have specialized cities and be able to collaborate with your friends on Great Works is fantastic, and Global Market as well is a great functionality.

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