Splinter Cell: Conviction

PC Games Sep 22, 2014 0 2.5k

Splinter Cell: Conviction takes place three years after the events of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. The game begins in market place in Walletta, Malta. Sam Fisher is warned by former Third Echelon colleague Anna Grimsdottir that a group of armed men are looking for them.  After dealing with them, he interrogates the leader and learns that a local drug runner was responsible for the death of his daughter.

The gameplay is traditional Splinter Cell, third person shooter, based mainly around stealth. To keep the action going, the story is told in real time through text, with still image and film clips projected onto the foreground of the game enviroment. New to the series is a “mark and execute” feature, which allows the player to mark enemies with a kill marker an dispatch them all at once with head shots at when they are exposed. Replacing the light meter from the previous games, there is now a black/white desaturation, which means that when you are hidden from enemies the enviroment will change to black and white.

The graphics are good, but if you look closely at the grass and bushes they still appear to be 2D, but that is a problem most games have. The character models and animation are great for their time. And the cutscenes are also great.

The soundtrack is what you would expect from a Splinter Cell game, quite and intense. The gun shots and explosions sound great, and the characters don’t keep repeating themselves. The voice acting is full of emotion, almost as if the characters were alive.

Splinter Cell games are some of my favorite third person shooters, and this one did not dissapoint. I found myself replaying the game on harder difficulties just to see if i had gotten better. I would definitely recomend this game to fans of third person shooters Tom Clancy, and stealth games. In all i would give this game an 8.5/10

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