Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)

PC Games Sep 22, 2014 0 3.4k

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or TMNT, is an action adventure game for multiple platforms. The game follows the basic plot of the 2007 CGI film of the same name. The gameplay is mainly platforming, the main action occurs in closed sections where you have to defeat a certain amount of enemies to progress in the game.  The game is mainly based on a level format, as in you beat level one, you progress to level two.

The graphics for the Wii version of this game are sadly lacking. They are nothing special and seem to have been dulled down for the wii alone. I found the textures kind of muddy, and the character model were blocky and looked a little stretched out. I did not care for the animation or art style of this version at all.

The sound is as bad as the graphics for this version. The voices sound like the actors were in a small mettalic box while recording. And there was a strange delay between the action and the noise. For example, jumping and a second later it makes the noise, or after jumping up a wall, the character will then say “whoa” after you are already a few steps from the jump. I got the fealing that the character didn’t expect to make the jump.

I did not care for this version of the game at all. I found it terribly boring, and annoying. The game is aimed at young children, but with some anoyingly difficult parts. I found combat to consist of spamming attack, with no change in pace or pattern. Another problem this game had, it is strictly one player, i grew up with multiplayer TMNT games, theres just something about having 4 Ninjas to choose from and not being able to have a friend along that bothers me.  I found that this game plays like a prince of persia clone, and while i like prince of persia, i found this game to be an abbomination. For such a childish game, it was pretty difficult though, i did enjoy the challenge, but other than that this game was terrible. I do however find that the Xbox 360 port is slightly better, mainly because the graphics and sound, but the controls are also better. This wii version was just terrible, but that can be said of almost any game that has a version for Xbox 360 and wii.  In all i would not advise getting the wii version of this game, unless it is for a child. I would have to give this version of TMNT a 4/10 and it only gets the 4 because it has an mildly okay story, if you liked the CGI film anyway.

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